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Thumb Trackball Corne Low Profile

Thumb Trackball Corne Low Profile

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The popular Corne from foostan, with an integrated Pimoroni trackball. The trackball replaces one of the thumb keys.

The base price includes a fully assembled and tested keyboard, including:

  • Integrated Pimoroni trackball (see demo video).
  • Kailh switches of choice.
  • USB C Pro Micros with low profile headers + sockets, flashed with stock QMK firmware with VIA.
  • PCB color: black.

The following can be added for an additional charge:

  • Controllers upgrade to Sea-Picro RP2040 (+$20).
  • Hotswap sockets (+$10).
  • MBK blank key caps (+$15), 40s legends (+$40). For dyed key caps, add this to your order.
  • Acrylic bottom plate (+$10).
  • TRRS cable (+$5).

This Corne uses a custom PCB based on the original crkbd/corne-light PCB. It has the same footprint so should be compatible with cases etc.

See this listing for an index finger trackball.

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