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Pimoroni Trackball Module

Pimoroni Trackball Module

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The trackball module consists of a Pimoroni trackball mounted on top of a controller. This setup is ideal for using the trackball with your index finger. Can be used on existing keyboards to get trackball functionality.

Note: you will need to re-flash your QMK firmware to add trackball support.


  • Pimoroni trackball
  • Controller of choice
  • Choice of male header pins, please make sure you select the right male headers option for your keyboard

Important: make sure your keyboard doesn't already use the SDA / SCL pins, which the trackball uses. Notably the stock Ferris Sweep PCB uses these pins for switches. Contact us if you're not sure about compatibility.


Want to build one? Check the guide!

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Customer Reviews

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Earl Lapus
Finally, a trackball for my sweep

l wanted to cut down on devices that I bring during my daily commute, having a trackball integrated into my ferris sweep is the perfect solution. The pimoroni trackball module is a good entry point for beginner's like myself.

I also want to emphasize that the level of support I got was amazing - all my inquiries regarding the setup down to the qmk firmware installation were answered. I couldn't have done it on my own.