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Lily58 Low Profile

Lily58 Low Profile

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Lily58 is 4x6+4 keys column-staggered split keyboard. Available with integrated touchpad, trackpoint or trackball.

The base price comes in kit form and includes a pair of black PCBs, SMD diodes, reset switches and TRRS jacks.

Use the build service to get a keyboard with all the electronic components soldered (assembly still required), or a fully built, assembled and tested keyboard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ben Grisafi
Lily58 assembled by the holykeebs recommend

So far so good. Everything works perfectly after a few weeks of owning this keeb. Really enjoy the low profile and the feel of it. Need to personalize some things and likely need to mess with qmk a little to better handle a mac. Do be aware the shipping is rough. That isn't a reflection on holykeebs, but just on the postal systems and customs.

Dmitry K

Purchased Lily58 a few weeks ago. The keyboard is great. I managed to configure everything I needed. Excellent quality.