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Corne Low Profile

Corne Low Profile

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The popular Corne from foostan. Available with integrated touchpad, trackpoint or trackball. This variant uses MX spacing for keys.

The base price comes in kit form and includes a pair of black PCBs, SMD diodes, reset switches and TRRS jacks.

Use the build service to get a keyboard with all the electronic components soldered (assembly still required), or a fully built, assembled and tested keyboard.


Please read our Buyer's Guide to help navigate through the various options.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bernt G.
Everything I Hoped It Would Be!

All I had to do was put the keycaps on where I wanted them, plug it in and bring up the Via web app and I was off and running setting up my key maps and layers. It is so nice to dive into the world of custom keyboards without having to reckon with my lack of soldering skills or patience lol.

Solid build quality. And the track point is amazing allowing pointing without leaving the keyboard. Just need to map a key as mouse click 1 in Via.

Wonderful experience overall. (Typed with said keyboard ;P)

Kyle Baumgarten
Trackball Corne Low Profile

I'm very new to ergonomic/split keyboards and even made a few rookie mistakes when originally ordering. They were willing to help me with part selection and the keyboard I received works great. Highly recommend for any newcomers looking into split keyboards.

Jacob Wilson
Trackpoint corne

Incredible keyboard and build quality, Very responsive to all my emails and holykeebs reached out to me to clarify order details. This is my end game keyboard 10/10 recommend

Brent Werness
Fantastic product, fantastic service!

I love my new Corne from Holykeebs! This is my first ergonomic mechanical keyboard, and had a bunch of questions before I ordered, and all were answered quickly and well. Moreover, I completely messed up my order the first time, and Idan was very quick and helpful to get it sorted! Absolutely fantastic customer service!

The keyboard itself has excellent build quality and feels fantastic to hold. The trackball works perfectly, and it feels like it is going to be able to replace most of my navigational mouse usage.

Love this keyboard!

Cuong Vo
Great value!

Keyboard came with exactly what was described. Great price and excellent quality. The Pimoroni trackball ended up being excellent after a little tinkering in QMK. Highly recommended.