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Corne Cherry / MX

Corne Cherry / MX

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The popular Corne from foostan. Available with integrated touchpad, trackpoint or trackball.

The base price comes in kit form and includes a pair of black PCBs, SMD diodes, hotswap sockets, reset switches and TRRS jacks.

Use the build service to get a keyboard with all the electronic components soldered (assembly still required), or a fully built, assembled and tested keyboard.


Please read our Buyer's Guide to help navigate through the various options.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Héctor Zacharias
Great build quality, open communication and amazing price

I've been daily driving my Corne variant of the keyboard with Cherry MX switches and a single trackpad on the right hand for the last two weeks.

I am a heavy user, and travel a couple times a month. I am happy to say this keyboard handled the travel without an issue.

There are multiple options in the market for similar things, but none had trackpads integrated at a decent price. This is the most unique offering, at, frankly, not a lot of extra cost comparing to other services that ship "similar" keyboards that don't even have a mouse device.

While the delivery was a little late from the initial estimation, this was handled transparently by the vendor, making sure I was up to date and aware of all the steps and the reasons for delays.

I am looking forward to getting my colleagues and friends to give HolyKeebs a try!

Pham Cao Tri
Good service with solid keeb performance

Idank was very helpful and supportive during the purchase.
I hope that you could also have the tenting solution available for purchase.

Over the moon with this kit!

This was my first jump into split ergonomic keyboards, and I couldn't have selected a better kit! it's probably one of the best value kits on the market right now, since it comes pre-soldered and tested

The trackball works great, although it's not as precise with small movements. It's also not that ergonomic since you need to stretch your index finger beyond rested home row state. I haven't added any other features besides the default mouse movement, but I'd like to add scrolling as well.

Highly recommend this kit!

Good ready to use kit

I got this kit from HolyKeebs recently, and I am very happy with it. Everything came presoldered, I just had to get the switches and assemble the case. The small trackball works great too. Looking forward to more cool ergo keebs and kits :)