Kits, Span, Store Updates

The Q4 update brings kits, a new keyboard, and other store updates!

Kits now available

I started my own split ergo journey with a kit and I couldn't be happier to start offering these. Many have asked for kits since we first opened, wanting to build their own pointing device enabled keyboards.

A product offered in kit form will include a variety of options to customize what you get in the kit. Kits start at $24, which include PCBs and electrical components. Check our Buyer's Guide to dive into this.

Building a keyboard is a fun and rewarding experience, try it out

Documentation Hub

With the introduction of kits, a new documentation hub is also born. The docs are meant to guide new and experienced makers in building a keyboard from scratch to firmware.

The docs are filled with images and explanations, but there is more work to do. Your feedback will be instrumental in improving this valuable resource.

New Keyboard: Span

Span is a 3x5 column staggered, low profile split keyboard with 2u, 1.5u, 1u thumb clusters. Those familiar with GergoPlex will recognize the key layout, which is derived from it.

Store Updates

  • We are gradually going to transition to using the RP2040 Sea Picro as the default controller. As we approach that goal, we are starting by lowering the cost of upgrading from Pro Micro to Sea Picro to $10 for a split keyboard (was $20 prior).
  • The thumb trackball Corne is now also available with the trackball in the outer thumb key.
  • MBK colored keycaps have been restocked: grey + pastel colors are back.
  • Sunset Kalih switches have been added to the store. These switches cost a bit more than all the rest because they are exclusive to lowprokb.