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Trackball Corne Choc

Trackball Corne Choc

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The popular Corne from foostan, with an integrated Pimoroni trackball. The trackball is conveniently placed on top of the MCU, making it easily accessible with the index finger.

The base price includes a fully assembled and tested keyboard, including:

  • Integrated Pimoroni trackball (see demo video).
  • Kailh switches of choice.
  • USB C Pro Micros with low profile headers + sockets, flashed with stock QMK firmware with VIA.
  • PCB color: black.

The following can be added for an additional charge:

  • Controllers upgrade to Sea-Picro RP2040 (+$20).
  • Hotswap sockets (+$10).
  • MBK blank key caps (+$15), 40s legends (+$36). For dyed key caps, add this to your order.
  • Acrylic bottom plate or 3d printed case (+$10). Colors for printed cases can be found on the Prusa store.
  • TRRS cable (+$5).

This Corne uses choc spacing for keys, which is slightly more compact than the standard Corne Low Profile. See this listing for the Corne LP.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lin Xi
fantastic build quality!

this keyboard feels very sturdy. yet still compact. VIA is very easy to use and QMK is not too hard to use if you have any programming experience, but necessary to adjust the trackball settings

Seth Workman
Better than expected!

I bought a trackball choc Corne mango yellow and it turned out better looking than I thought. It was also easier to pick up than I thought but I will say you need to have good memorization. The trackball is small but works very well, much better than I thought! Very good product!

Elad Luz
Awesome !

This is my first split keyboard and its just perfect !
Holykeebs made a great build, assisted me with picking the right options and helped me get into QMK code (I wanted to do more than just modify the mapping).
The trackball is surprisingly practical.
I definitely recommend this setup.

Jun-ichi Wada

It was my first purchase from overseas and I had a lot of concerns and questions, but the support responded well. I also had a lot of questions after purchase and they answered all of them. Even when I encountered some error with VIA and had a hard time setting the keymap, the support solved the cause.
Good product and easy to use. I've been looking for a keyboard with a narrow key pitch, low profile, and 1u trackball on the keyboard. I was worried about the operability of the trackball, but it can be used as a substitute for the mouse.
About a week after the product was shipped, the Israel Post Office's tracking service did not provide any information, so I was worried about whether the product would arrive. I could receive the goods after around 10days.
One nut was removed during transportation and disappeared, but there is no problem in use. I would like to try using it without a bottom plate soon.

Milan Magyar
Highly recommended!

The seller quickly answered all of my software and hardware related questions. He was also very helpful and flexible with shipping since my location was not in the list originally.
The shipping was quick and the keyboard arrived safely.
I use it with a phone stand in a ~60° position and it's extremely comfortable to type on.