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Trackball Corne Cherry / MX

Trackball Corne Cherry / MX

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The popular Corne from foostan, with an integrated Pimoroni trackball. The trackball is conveniently placed on top of the MCU, making it easily accessible with the index finger.

The base price includes a fully soldered and tested keyboard, including:

  • Integrated Pimoroni trackball (see demo video).
  • Kailh MX hotswap sockets.
  • USB C Pro Micros with low profile headers + sockets, flashed with stock QMK firmware with VIA.
  • PCB color: black.

The following can be added for an additional charge:

  • Controllers upgrade to Sea-Picro RP2040 (+$20).
  • Acrylic top plate (+$10).
  • Acrylic bottom plate or 3d printed case (+$10). Colors for printed cases can be found on the Prusa store.
  • TRRS cable (+$5).

This Corne comes with hotswap sockets, no soldering required.

Switches and key caps are required.

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Customer Reviews

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Good ready to use kit

I got this kit from HolyKeebs recently, and I am very happy with it. Everything came presoldered, I just had to get the switches and assemble the case. The small trackball works great too. Looking forward to more cool ergo keebs and kits :)